We are Malaysia Premium Surgical Mask & Melt Blown Fabric Manufacturer

Durio PPE Sdn Bhd was founded with a simple idea, to make Malaysia self-sufficient for mask consumption, people can get the quality mask at ease without paying an unreasonable price.

“The day when Durio knew melt blown is the heart of the mask but Malaysia has to rely on import supplies; Durio is determined to bring a change.”

Modern facilities

Durio is standing out with 4 units of 1.6m advanced melt-blown production lines, which can achieve 240 metric tons of monthly capacity and is able to support 240 million pieces of face mask production. By working with a premier global company and using the finest quality of 100% polypropylene, Durio offers high quality electrostatically charged melt-blown material for long-lasting and high filtration efficiency.

Fast Production

30 units of fully automatic mask production lines make Durio achieve daily production of 2 million pieces of face mask, offering a wide range of products including 3-ply and 4-ply face mask with multi-color and customized printing design, as well as N95 rated respirator face masks.

Quality Assurance

Every piece of Durio product is produced in a controlled room environment that meets ISO-13485 requirements, eliminating any possibility of contamination or quality defect. By putting quality assurance as Durio’s top priority, a particle filtration efficiency tester is also invested to ensure a reliable filtration efficiency rating.

Better future

By equipping core technology, Durio will constantly develop and expand to create a stable mask supply chain by working with other high-quality raw material manufacturers in Malaysia. This is to provide affordable and top-quality masks that are sufficient for Malaysia’s needs and to be the top-quality mask exporter in the world one day, just like rubber glove products.