Durio Pokémon Kid's 4 Ply Surgical Face Mask -Gengar (40 pcs)

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Durio Pokémon Kid's 4 Ply Surgical Face Mask -Gengar (40 pcs)

✔ ASTM F2100 Level 3

✔ EN14683 Type IIR

✔ ISO10993 Biocompatibility tested

✔ Maximum Filtration: BFE >99%, PFE >98% - Reliablest Filtration Efficiency Tested by US Nelson Lab & SGS Taiwan

✔ Maximum Fit & Cover - Elastic ear loop pulls inwards from welding outer layer to reduce gap at the side between face and mask for maximum fit protection. Mask expands longer to provide maximum coverage for a larger breathing zone & reduce friction.

✔ Superb Breathability - Let you stay concentrated with smooth airflow of oxygen.

✔ Durable & Flat Ear Loop -Flat design of highly elastic ear loops reduces tension & discomfort with > 1kg durability.

✔ Extra Soft & Comfortable - Ultra-soft & hydrophilic inner layer absorbs moisture & saliva to provide the best comfort.

✔ Hypoallergenic- Proven skin-friendly material with ISO-10993 biocompatibility test

Additional BICO PE/PET Non-Woven Fabric enhances filtration efficiency & comfort.

✔ Made in Malaysia

Each box includes: 
✔ 40pcs of 4ply surgical grade face mask, 
✔ 1 pc Pokémon mask keeper,

MDA Product Registration Number: GA3397121-52175

SIRIM License Number: PC010841

Packing: 40 pcs/ box

Type: Ear Loop Type

Color: Gengar

Size: +/-140mm x 90mm ; Recommended for kids ages 4-12

Material: 4 Layers of Protection (Inner Layer – Hydrophilic Spunbond, , Middle layer: Melt Blown, Middle layer: BICO PE/PET Non-Woven Fabric, Outer Layer - Hydrophobic Spunbond)


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